Cloud Camp

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Your IT staff’s personalized cloud skills journey, to get the max out of your investment.

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Cloud Care

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Your carefree application landscape, through management, governance and innovation.

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Cloud Lighthouse

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The best-fit modern solution for your application requirements: designed, delivered and future-proof.

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Everything we do at Xylos is in service of the end user. Our hybrid cloud services are app focused. What really matters for the customer are the applications in-line-of-business. Only the ends justify the means. We always build top-down.

Patrick Leysen – CEO at Xylos

What if operating your IT landscape truly became as light as a cloud?

Thanks to the industry-leading technology and services of Microsoft Azure, it will.

You’ll scale up or down in no time and adapt to changing circumstances or seize business opportunities. Our cloud practice experts will turn many manual multi-hour and error-prone processes into automated and repeatable processes that only take minutes. Things like:

  • Configuring security
  • Installing software patches
  • Installing services and applications
  • Configuring networks
  • Enabling storage

Confide in our fully managed cloud service approach. 

Full intake of your situation

We extensively discuss and investigate the scope, set-up and governance model of your IT operations. Then we improve.

Cost effective

You extend your technical IT team with our service level based support and ticket handling. 100% stability, 0 surprises.

Easy transition to our services

Our mutual agreement, based on our contract template, will provide clear operational and technical service descriptions.


Our service organization is available and monitoring 24/7.
(so you don’t need to).

Don’t let the small snakes in your infrastructure turn into untamable dragons.

Let’s talk cloud.

Have you been putting off that cloud migration?

We get it. Chances are, you weren’t even there when most of your organization’s infrastructure was developed. Lack of documentation, software implementations that serve the short term but disregard the future… Whether you like it or not. It will become your problem, and it won’t shrink down.
That’s why we shine a bright light on your challenges with Cloud Lighthouse.

Maybe you are afraid the lack of practical experience with cloud platforms will cause difficulties to your staff? Again, a valid concern. The cloud requires a different way of thinking and working.
That’s why we provide guidance with Cloud Camp.

Why we are the partner for an ideal Azure future:

Thanks to our fantastic partnership with Microsoft and the trust we get from them, we have been able to grow our competencies and build a true cloud knowledge hub at Xylos.

Check out an extract from our interview with Didier Ongena, General Manager of Microsoft Belux.

Let’s talk cloud.

Contribute to sustainability with cloud technology.

Our CEO Patrick Leysen had a chat with Erik Kerkhofs, Commercial Partner Director at Microsoft Belux.

They discussed how organizations like yours, IT partners like Xylos and Microsoft can have a positive effect on sustainability with cloud technology.

Let’s talk cloud.

The future of cloud is hybrid.
We combine the best of on- and off-premise.

Many organizations still need some workloads to run in an on-premise environment (a.k.a. private cloud). For instance, to meet regulatory compliance. Off-premise-, cloud workloads allow them to scale up and down quickly depending on the demands.

As an experienced IT provider that’s been around for more than 35 years, we know like no other partner to combine on-premise technology, with new off-premise services.

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Testimonial by Farys (in Dutch): HPE datacenter solution by Xylos



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