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Cloud Camp
Get your IT team fit for the cloud.

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Don’t fall off your cloud. Fill your team’s skills gaps.

The (hybrid) cloud ultimately means: better business. But to get there, your IT staff needs to understand the cloud assets and virtualization, be familiar with different operating systems, know how to support application lifecycles and enforce security policies. They need to think and become agile.

Many cloud integrators and organizations overlook that necessity.

The good news? You won’t.

Let’s talk cloud skills.

Let’s talk:


Yannick Dils

Step 1

We analyze and identify the skills gaps of your IT team.

Step 2

We tailor-make a roadmap to develop the skills.

Step 3

We execute the training program to turn best practices in to standard practices.

Step 4

We evaluate and asses whether the skills gap has been bridged.

Cloud Camp unifies silos: we embrace DevOps.

Cloud migration and adoption tracks are demanding for your teams. No way around it. Providing a common goal and aligning all parties is your key to success.

How do we know?

In some of our earliest projects, there was a tendency to have team A (development) and team B (operations). We’ve learned that breaking down the silos is crucial. The lack of information-sharing across teams takes a toll on morale. It prevents teams from forming trust and mutual respect.

We’ve learned that upskilling is crucial for continued innovation.

With Cloud Camp we provide the opportunity to get all your stakeholders involved and skilled up in sync with the pace of the project. The result? Modernization, digitization continue after the delivery of your cloud migration.

More tech intensity requires more skills

Like and together with Microsoft, we go the extra mile to close the skills gap. Discover the extract from our CEO Patrick Leysen’s interview session with Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg General Manager, Didier Ongena.

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In our mission to make technology more accessible and make people as digitally fit as possible, of course we also have a keen eye for those who are truly inspired by technology, just like us. Digitally fit IT professionals make for fit employees and organizations.

To encourage job-seeking IT professionals, we organize a virtual, six-week Cloud Camp. That way, you get to brush up on your Azure Cloud skills. Find out more about it in our press release.

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