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Cloud Care 
So you can take care of business.

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Proactive cloud management keeps business from stalling.

Traditional managed services for cloud and data infrastructures focus on keeping your infrastructure up and running. The problem with that? The fact that it really means: reactively fixing issues after they have appeared. The point of managed services should be to keep your business from losing any of its efficacy.

That’s why we are so application focused.

Get the managed cloud care you deserve.

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Patrick Leysen

We monitor your line-of-business apps end-to-end.

We monitor to 24/7 to guarantee the continuity of your business excellence.

We apply security and governance practices at the core.

We deeply understand and take care of what is important to your situation.

App focused Cloud Care delivers insights for direct improvement.

Most managed services monitor CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Storage IOPS, network latency & throughput. All of these metrics – when looked at from a per metric perspective – could indicate a potential issue on one of these resources. What it couldn’t is: gain valuable insights of why you are facing dysfunctional or unresponsive applications. All you’d know about is your own user dissatisfaction.

This is where Cloud Care by Xylos comes into play. Because we’ll have broken down all your existing silos, we can look at your infrastructure top-down. Your line-of-business apps therefore get the focus they deserve.

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