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Cloud Lighthouse
A bright light to understand your application landscape.

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What most get wrong about legacy apps, we make right.

Modernizing your IT landscape should translate into better performance. Not only that. The new solution needs to stand the test of time. It should sustain throughout the years to come. It should become your new legacy. That’s right. Legacy is a good thing. And it starts with an ultra accurate perspective.

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Yannick Dils

Cloud Lighthouse analyzes technically and functionally.

Most service providers that are asked to modernize IT infrastructure will have this reflex: figure out where in the current infrastructure, new components can be added.

What we keep in sight is that infrastructure serves the layer above: your applications. Thanks to our application focused perspective, we are able to carve-out bits and pieces of the underlying infrastructure landscape. The result? Modernization that serves your applications’ requirements (and therefore your users).

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