Productivity Camp

Sometimes IT investments are not valued, even though they’re great.
Simply because people don’t use them right.
Increase your end users’ savviness and productivity with Microsoft 365 or your own business applications.

Workplace Productivity Camp

Security Camp

Getting hacked could be disastrous for your organization’s image and business continuity. 80% of breaches are due to human error.
Time to increase and maintain cybersecurity awareness of employees, so they act as your human firewall.

Meeting Camp

People so often say they waste too much time in meetings. But they never seem to successfully sidestep the pitfalls. Time to develop a better meeting culture.
Improve the way your employees work together in meetings, no matter where they are.

Digital upskilling is not about knowing how the tools work.
It’s about working the tools.

Tip: take our Digital Fitness test.

1. We identify the crucial skill gaps

Our Prosci-certified change experts get to the core of what your end users need, to adopt your technology.

2. We transmit the necessary knowledge

Our training experts get your end users to truly understand the tools they use: with live learning and e-learning.

3. We get people to apply knowledge

Our Digital Coaches follow up directly on your employees: in the office or online, individually or in group.

4. We get people to embed new skills

Thanks to 24/7 access to a digital adoption platform – and coaching – your people complete their adoption cycle.

At Xylos we believe you should never just impose new technology on your people and expect all of them to perform. You need digital upskilling to ultimately anchor new ways of working. That’s how you get return on your IT investment.

Peter Coppens – Head of Learning Digital at Xylos


Community event - 17/10/2023
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