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Meeting Camp
Get the max out of meetings.

The average professional easily spends around 20 hours per week in meetings. You are right to question “why?”. Technology should not be an obstacle for efficacy. It should be an asset.

So, let’s make it one.

Familiar with this?

Claim back wasted time and energy.
Meeting Camp gets your organization fit to meet:

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1. We prepare your IT

From firm-, to hard- and software. From cable, to camera, to connectivity. We zoom in on all functional aspects to hold smooth, professional physical and hybrid meetings. You get a full-fetched report: with long term recommendations and quick wins.

Go further with VR

If you choose our VR solution, we convert our analysis into a VR design and user manual. With VR glasses, your engineers get direct guidance on where and how to place the hardware, as they set up and improve your meeting areas.

2. We prepare your people

Our Change Manager analyzes and identifies the skill gaps in your organization. He or she will zoom in on technical and soft skills. A clear report will outline how to make your meeting culture more effective. Webinar/classroom trainings, get your people to adopt effective meeting behavior.

Go further with VR

If you choose our VR solution, we immerse your people in interactive training sessions. They will live out the experience and learn practical lessons in your newly designed meeting area(s). No better way to learn, than by doing.

Want to become fit to meet?
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Opportunity: leverage data with Viva.

Viva Insights can tap into your M365 data in order to visualize your general meeting culture based on concrete figures.

Our experts will be happy to inspire you about the possibilities of this platform.

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