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Productivity Camp
Make your people digitally savvy.

Afraid your latest IT investment won’t pay off, because people don’t use the tools effectively? They shouldn’t rely on your IT service desk. We get them to thrive with Microsoft 365 or to use any daily business application in your organization efficiently.

Xylos Modern Workplace Learning Digital Productivity Camp

Just imagine…
150 people gaining 10 minutes per day

  • That’s 10 minutes x 150 people x 20 workdays per month x 3 months
  • That’s 90 000 minutes of work.
  • That’s 1 500 hours of added business focus.

We take up to 150 people on a journey to digital independence.

From creating pivot tables in Excel, to effectively organizing channels and apps in Teams, to any other digital task. We provide the immersion required to get everyone up to speed with your soft- and hardware: without interrupting the flow of work. That is truly improving productivity in the workplace.

3-Month Program

Your dedicated Change Manager designs a comprehensive, tailor-made program to get everyone at the desired level.

Get started.

2x/Week Coaching

Our digital coach provides focused training and mentoring: for your people, in your workplace, with your tools.

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24/7 Online Training

Your employees immerse themselves 24/7 with
2 000 videos, learning tracks and webinars on the OASE-platform.

Get started.

Interested in setting up camp?
Feel free to inquire.

Our Change Manager is there to guide you.

The Prosci certified Change Manager of Xylos does not stop at designing your organization’s Productivity Camp. He or she will guide you throughout the process and use reports to help you identify and resolve any bottlenecks.

The bottom line:

More about:
OASE – Find. Watch. Do.

Currently, more than 250 000 people in five countries use OASE daily, to figure out little things that make big differences. From improving their PowerPoint presentations, to creating surveys, to managing their Outlook or simply their to-do-list.
OASE is about making people smile. Coincidently, that’s also the purpose of the teaser video here.

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