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Security Camp
Let your people boost cybersecurity.

The burden of cybersecurity tends to fall on IT departments. They work hard to stay ahead of hackers. So why do we hear about security breaches, so often? Because, up to 80% of the time, they are due to human error. Don’t let your people be your weakest link. Boost cyber secure behavior, every day.

Take your entire organization on an eye-opening journey to cyber secure awareness and behavior.

From a communication plan, to intelligently orchestrated phishing simulations, to intuitive digital micro-learning modules: Secure Workplace Camp uses the power of Xylos’ digital cybersecurity awareness solution, InviQta, to provide it all.

+ the power of digital coaching

Our digital coaches get each and every employee to adopt the (cyber) secure reflexes in their diverse work situations.


Your dedicated Change Manager designs a human-centric campaign: a tailored communication and behavior adoption plan.

& Coaching

Our campaign manager orchestrates and reports on progression. Our digital coach provides focused lessons.


Your people immerse in short e-learnings on the InviQta platform. About phishing, BYOD, password security and many more topics.

Get it now.
The best cyber security training on the market.

What is InviQta?

In short, InviQta has four components.

  • A baseline test: we measure how many people interact with unannounced, simulated phishing e-mails.
  • An Awareness training phase: we announce and continue to send simulated phishing mails and ask people to report with a simple e-mail-button.
  • A Competence training phase: we make it more difficult to recognize the phishing-e-mails and trigger people to follow five-minute-max e-learnings.
  • A Mastery phase: we offer master level e-learning courses and test people to the max with even more sophisticated phishing simulations.

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