Unburden yourself from IT management thanks to Workplace as a Service by Xylos.

Empower the people in your modern workplace to work more productively and securely.

Productivity is more paramount than ever. How we boost your modern workplace? Microsoft, other best-of-breed technology and a human perspective.

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Employees are a company’s biggest asset. Ensuring an optimal employee experience supports a culture where employees feel valued and want to perform their best, driving performance as a result.

The modern, digital workplace integrates all the core business applications and drives communication and collaboration, enabling employees to do their job from anywhere at anytime. A strategic approach, with a human perspective.

Human Centric

Full focus on employee experience. Providing fast and easy access to knowledge and tools while supporting employees in adopting these technologies.

Technology & Tools

Technology is a means to an end, not the goal. Boost productivity and collaboration with dedicated soft- and hardware for every task, secure by default.

Process Automation

Increase productivity by automating mindless and repetitive processes that take up too much time of your employees, so they can focus on driving business value.

Insight Driven

Simplify decision making through valuable insights, providing measurable and sustained impact on your bottom line.

Always Secure

Our security solutions are designed specifically for the digital workplace. Rest assured, your data is safe.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

We have been implementing Microsoft technology since the early days of Xylos, more than 35 years ago. As a Modern Workplace specialist, we are thrilled to have earned our designation as Microsoft Solutions Partner in the key domains of Modern Work and Security.

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Our cross-functional teams join forces to develop products that make you and your employees enjoy the modern workplace to the fullest.

When investing in cybersecurity make sure to reinforce the weakest links first, and build your human firewall.

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