Digital User Care
Workplace as a Service by Xylos

A workplace consists of employees with objectives, deadlines and challenges. To live up to these, they tend to implement their own ways of working. Inconsistent ways of working lead to impediments for your organization and customers, sooner or later. Especially, in digital workspaces like Microsoft 365 with all of its components.

You need alignment: a fully managed digital environment with proper focus on your digital workers. That’s how we deliver Workplace as a Service.

100% happy efficiency for people. 0% burden for your IT.


We support and maintain the back-end workplace environment.

End user

We help your people through technical and functional support.

End user

We enable your people with coaching and learning tools.

& Mobility

We handle, care for and deliver PC- and mobile devices.

Let’s take care of your workplace, today.

→ Included in your Digital User Care package:

  • An onboarding journey to transition your IT to the unburdened workplace.
  • A governance strategy to minimize clutter and maximize productivity.
  • A roadmap to be ready for the future needs of your workplace.

Avoid this:

What is
Workplace as a Service?

(Modern) Workplace as a Service (or WaaS) is a new spin on the traditional ideas of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Device as a Service (DaaS). It aims to unburden your organization from daily IT operations, by managing it from the cloud.

→ Why choose
Digital User Care?

We steer clear from one-size-fits all solutions, but guide your digital workers to adopt best practices. Based on the Workplace-as-a-Service model, we bundle services, products, and productivity tools into one customizable package.

One, fixed monthly fee. 3 key benefits:


We identify precise persona’s that work in your organization, and design a best-fit workplace package for each. We then provide a one-stop-shop for procurement, deployment, and management of your technology.

Device Management

We keep your teams productive, in every work setting. How? By always ensuring the right software and hardware are matched with the right services. We fully manage the Microsoft 365 communication and collaboration suite.


Digital User Care applies transparency in budgeting and billing. You get a monthly fee per user. That way we reduce the overall costs and ensure your organization only pays for what is actually being utilized.

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