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We also secure your human link in cyber defense.

We tailor-make a crystal clear and fully patched IT landscape, where tickets and worrying about shadow IT or data leaks don’t dominate your workload.


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Beyond your network, identity is the new security perimeter. We operate at the pinnacle of multifactor authentication technology and ever evolving methods of identity protection.


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We manage and secure your next-gen endpoints in the Cloud. Your endpoints stay compliant, your applications are always up to date, independent of where they are located or used.

& threat protection

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From your Microsoft 365 and other modern or SaaS applications, to e-mail and controlling Shadow IT: we single out threats or glitches before they turn into danger. If confidential data creeps out of your network, we trace it back and block access.

Managed incident
detection & response

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Our experts and intelligence form your Security Operations Center in your Microsoft Sentinel environment. We detect, respond and even remediate, and we do so 24/7/365.

Xylos is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security.

Microsoft security by Xylos: we confide in the Zero Trust Principles.

As the IT landscape keeps evolving, cybercriminals have new corners to lurk around every day.
Therefore, the Secure Workplace we set up for you, always follows the 3 Zero Trust Principles. They apply on six levels: Identity, Device, Apps, Data, Network and Infrastructure.


We authenticate users through various data points: identity, location, device health, data classification, etc.


We reduce access rights to the ultimate minimum required for their work, even for IT staff.

Assume breach

We minimize the damage from any hypothetical breach. Analytics bring visibility to drive threat detection and improve defenses.

We get your employees to boost your security too.

The burden of cybersecurity shouldn’t fall on your IT alone. With our Security Camp program, your people develop real cyber secure behavior.

Make your employees cyber secure.

Security Camp
Let your people boost cybersecurity.

Community event - 17/10/2023
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