Möbius employees increase Power BI know-how thanks to hands-on training by Xylos

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Designing business solutions to support the strategic decisions, that’s how Möbius Business Redesign helps organizations and businesses as a management consulting company. They have expertise in areas such as Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Sustainability, Analytics and much more. Microsoft Power BI is often the tool of choice to provide their customers with clear-cut insights on dashboards. That’s why they were interested in a Power BI day organized by Xylos.

Intermediate level training sessions as a perfect fit

The Power BI day Möbius participated in, was a full day online training event. It consisted of three tracks, each representing a different level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Every track consisted of four sessions to cover a great deal of highly useful material.

Having enjoyed introductory trainings on Power BI, at Möbius internally, certain employees saw the opportunity to expand their practical knowledge, by joining the intermediate level sessions by Xylos.

Julien Braekevelt testifies: “What we do is very diverse. A colleague of mine who attended this Power BI day works closely with several hospitals to improve their visual reporting practices and cost-model, using power BI. In my work, I try to help organizations continually improve their processes. Ultimately, my aim is to help them enhance the customer experience they offer. Therefore, visualizing the best possible insights in the clearest possible way, is extremely valuable. I found the intermediate level Power BI sessions with Xylos really suited my needs.”

Impressive experience and expertise bundled into one day

Julien was more than satisfied with the sessions. Beyond the content covered around Power Query, modeling, reporting and calculations, the use of real practical examples and high interactivity between trainer and participants stood out for him.

“The trainer for my sessions concentrated twenty years of experience in a one-day session. And he was magically able to anchor all that knowledge by giving participants the possibility to bring forward own use cases. It was impressive to see how he came up with very straightforward solutions each time. Thanks to a combination of his expertise and real heartiness, he was able to captivate the audience all day long.” Julien says.

Applying and spreading lessons learned in the workplace

The benefits of Julien’s involvement in the Power BI day were not limited to the quality of the Xylos trainer. What proved to be very useful too, was that participants received access to the recordings of their own sessions, as well as those of the beginner and advanced tracks.

“It was really useful to go through certain steps again. Specifically for Power Query, I feel that really mastering the important steps when setting up dashboards helps me avoid difficulties later on. It has also been rewarding to be able to make some of my dashboards more dynamic and even help some colleagues, thanks to the practical knowledge I picked up. For instance, using the recording I was able to explain to them how to extract data from a site and use them in a dashboard.”

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Beyond Power BI day

Learning Digital Team Lead, Tom Ysewyn, is happy that the Power BI Day formula is so successful: “At Xylos, we are well aware that we have incredible trainers and digital coaches. That’s also why we have built our Modern Workplace Camps (Xylos’ newest digital adoption packages) around them. But to get confirmation from customers that they succeed in applying what they learn in the workplace, that’s how we really know we are successful. It’s fantastic to hear.”