Modero streamlines internal communication thanks to Sharepoint and Teams

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Modero is a fast-growing company offering a wide range of legal services. It is the only national network of bailiff offices in Belgium. As the company has experienced strong growth in recent years, it has also faced some challenges. For example, internal communication was often unstructured and fragmented, which often resulted in a lack of efficiency and caused confusion.

The challenge

Due to its rapid growth and lack of unified communication methods, Modero faced several challenges:

  • Lack of uniformity and efficiency in terms of internal communication
  • Insufficient diversity in tools used for communication and collaboration
  • No longer a clear organizational culture due to rapid growth and many new people

Because a lot of different profiles are working within the organization, there were big differences in the communication needs and the way the tools would be used.

Our process

Joos Van Goethem, Modero’s Marketing and Communications Manager, was well aware of the challenges and sought contact with Xylos. Together with the Xylos solution consultants, he started looking for the best way to tackle them.

They soon arrived at a division between static and dynamic communication. Static communication has a permanent character and is important to everyone, while dynamic communication is only relevant for a short time and can change on a daily basis. Because of the distinction between these two forms of communication, it seemed logical to choose a different medium for each.

The solution

By deploying various channels depending on the type of communication, the organization managed to regain focus. The existing Intranet and Teams environments were integrated into a single environment. Within that environment the communication is divided: static communication via the Intranet, dynamic via Teams.

Because (re)building a company culture was an important factor in this story, the focus was not only on the functional aspect of the environment but also on the inviting one. Thus, the new Teams environment becomes a platform where colleagues can get to know each other better. It lowers the threshold for consulting each other and reduces email traffic.

The result

Thanks to the new Teams and Sharepoint environment, Modero became more efficient and is working on its organizational culture on a daily basis. Employees have a clearer view of priority and secondary communications and are no longer blinded by large amounts of e-mail traffic.


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